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Foals Are Back!!!

Oh yes!!! Smart Oxford mob’s back on the ‘indie’ radar. Although I never wasn’t very sure how to classify them. Foals have been labelled as math rock and post punk, but personally for me it’s on of those bands that you simply can’t stick a label on.

You wouldn’t believe how excited I’m about my beloved Foals coming back to us with a superb single called Inhaler and third album Holy Fire which is going to hit the music shops’ shelves on an early February next year. Also, I want to say big big thanks to my mate (you know who you are) for the heads up regarding Foals gig in Royal Albert Hall in London as I’ve managed to be quick enough getting myself a ticket for their show in March. I owe you a drink for that, T!!!

We were served with new single Inhaler and tasted a fresh bite of upcoming album a few weeks ago. What a tasty fresh breath of air it is! Well, after their latest brilliant Spanish Sahara and Total Life Forever hits you should have thought to yourself that it ain’t gonna be easy for Oxford boys climbing to a higher level. If you did so you were completely wrong. By the sound of Inhaler we can finally congratulate Foals by getting in ‘grown man shoes’. Oxford charmers created loads of expectations with second album Total Life Forever which was huge step them becoming one of the ‘indie’ scene pioneers.

As for the latest single Inhaler…it just screams about new maturity that Foals may have found in themselves. It is what Foals are all about. Inhaler is the tag and label that you could stick on the Oxford band without any doubts. Obviously,if we compare Inhaler with tunes from two earlier albums it’s much heavier. Filthy bass guitar riffs, rhythm changes and Yannis’ screaming make such a good combo. A wonderful tale started with an Antidote and Inhaler clearly suggests that there’s plenty of room left for another masterpiece that’s called Holy Fire.


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We Do Like A Good Read, Don’t We?!

Lads off the Proper Mag did very well as per usual and issue #12 has been released a while ago. To be fair, it’s getting better and better with each issue. Loads of superb articles and interview with 12th Man’s boss Fabio can be found inside.

Stand is a fresh fanzine against modern football and representing fans who are sick with a shape of modern football, overpriced match tickets, silly banning orders etc. Really interesting stuff.

Don’t be a mug and get those!

P.S. Stand #2 were issued last week too.

Proper Mag shop online:

Both Stand issues can be bought here:

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Life Through A Lens

It’s certainly been good period for my wardrobe, hasn’t it? Although there are loads of cool brands kicking around I couldn’t resist to lay my hands on classic three pocket Mille Miglia by iconic label CP Company. Teflon coated and released in 2009 for S/S season. Love big buttons up the front as they remind me vintage goggle jackets which are still on my wish list for quite some time now. Nice and simple design. What more can you ask? Tried it without a hood and looks well smart in that way too. RRP was over £670 me thinks but I managed to get it for £180. Happy days!!!

S/S Teflon Mille Miglia

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OG Adidas Dublins Made In Romania

Just in through the door vintage Adidas Dublin from the 70’s made in Romania. No introduction needed for these. Probably the most favorite trainers of all time for me. It’s a love from the first sight….These bad boys are 30 years old and are in absolute mint condition what makes them pretty difficult to get hold of. To be honest, I was put off by trainers recently, but when my eyes catch beauties like that my old passion for vintage Adidas trainers strikes again and again. I guess you just can’t win a fight with yourself..It’s an addiction and a healthy one. My wallet would strongly disagree with that statement though.

OG Adidas Dublin

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Mille Miglia

If you are reading this blog then probably you’ve heard about one of the most iconic brands C.P Company and it’s the most famous design jacket called Mille Miglia. If you haven’t then you should be ashamed of yourself. Luckily for you, this brand deserves its own article and it’s gonna be posted in a very near future. I can give you my honest word that it’s going to be a very interesting read.

Well, this is a special purchase for me as I’m a massive fan of C.P Company goggle jackets for quite a long time now. When postie knocked on my door this morning I exactly knew what’s been waiting for me behind the door. Yes, Dynafil Mille Miglia jacket from 2006 Autumn/Winter season. Absolute head turner it is.

It is constructed from a nylon based anti-tear, oil and water resistant material  - dynafil. The liner is made of 80% wool so I’m well sorted for the upcoming fall. This jacket features full front zip with branded C.P Company pull tab, adjustable press stud cuffs, left chest pocket with concealed side compartment and two lower waterproof zip pockets, and finished with removable goggle hood. RRP was £695 back in the day.

CP Company A/W Dynafil Biker Mille Miglia

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Timeless Classic Backpacks By Fjallraven

Well, long story short me and my other better half decided to get ourselves a treat by purchasing vintage rucksack and timeless classic Kanken backpack by Fjällräven for our upcoming holidays. Of course, there were quite a lot of cheaper options, but you must admit that Fjällräven gear are built to last ages and are well worth the money. Both backpacks have been tested already during our last trip to Italy and Croatia and done the job perfectly.

After a quick glance at Fjäll rucksack range available on-line and I went for 20L vintage rucksack. Made of super durable G-1000 material this bag holds classic look and goes toe to toe with modern functions. An absolutely beast of the backpack with lovely leather straps and air vent support system. Got it for £90 from Germany and no regrets.

Vintage Fjällräven 20L Rucksack in olive

I’m definitely not exaggerating saying that Fjällräven Kånken is probably the most iconic backpack. Since it’s first release in 1978 Kånken became the most sold backpack. Kånken was developed at the end of 70’s to save their backs for children and young people as at that time majority of people in Sweden have suffered back pain. Kånken is made from an extremely durable Vinylon F fabric which makes it waterproof and does not require additional treatment. Vinylon F is unbeatable in its combination of durability and low weight. Kånken has a long zipper that opens the entire main compartment, two side pockets and a front pocket with a reflective Arctic Fox logo. For those reasons my girlfriend hasn’t hesitated much and got Kånken Big in deep purple for £70.

Fjällräven Kånken Big

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Have You Missed Me?!

I should hang myself on the wall of shame for leaving you in silence for such a long time. To be fair, I have no excuse for that. I guess we all have my laziness to blame for abandoning such a nice place as The Smart Yard is. Buy hey ho, there’s always good news after the bad ones and we can all clap our hands with a tiny tears of joy in the eyes as The Smart Yard will be active again. Hopefully, it will last for longer than it did before. Apologies in advance if it doesn’t. Truth to be told, I have loads of ideas for new articles such as new issue of Proper Mag were released a week ago, Stone Island 30th Anniversary or my favorite brands reviews.

Well, let’s kick off with my this week two bargains that I’ve hunted down on the eBay. Nevertheless to say, those two will be perfect addition to my wardrobe for upcoming months as both garments are waterproof.

First, my pride and joy over the recent years - Albam. Absolute stunner of the brand with it’s Hillwalker jacket. Missed lots of chances to get my hands on it in the past and it would have been a sin to let this bad boy slip away just for £51 on the bay. British millerain waxed cotton and simple shape makes this piece very wearable and unique. Don’t know if it’s just me but for some reason it has Scandinavian feel to it. As per usual the garment has been handcrafted in England.

Albam Hillwalker

No introduction needed for those in the know about what Universal Works are capable of when it comes to producing quality garments in the style I like most. If you are willing to get know better with this particular brand scroll this page below and you definitely find my older post about it’s heritage and idea of this brand. Lng story short, I snatched this beauty on the very same eBay for ridiculously low price £33. Universal Works Scout Anorak jacket in dark olive color. As the Oipolloi website says: ”Made from an Italian high-tech super fabric called Olmetex, the Universal Works Scout Anorak is a lightweight waterproof parka featuring all the classic parka trimmings”.RRP was £229 for these so well chuffed with the price I’ve paid.

UW Scout Anorak Parka

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Quick Look At 12th Man Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

New 12th Man S/S 2012 collection will be hitting the stores soon and we can have a look at what people from 12th Man have been preparing to us for warm season. Overall I’m very impressed with outwear products and, of course sweatshirts. Especially, Nova jacket which is very smart!
Definitely will be getting a few Tinto Pezza polos which are the best polos can be found in the market. No doubts 12th Man is winning leader in polo shirts for me. Stunning quality!
By the way, from now on every single one garment will be individually numbered and will come only in limited numbers.

Nova Jacket

Alcor Jacket

Palio Jacket

Tinto Pezza Polo

Crewneck Sweatshirt

Reverse Sweatshirt

Superlight Jersey Polo

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King Of The Trabs

No introduction needed for these beauties. One of the most iconic Adidas trainers were re-issued a few days back. Usually I have critical attitude towards poor attempts to re-issue iconic Adidas trainers , but this is not that case. Honestly, I think it’s very decent effort to make trainers like they were made back in the day.

Well, my pair still sits in the box and waits for the first outing, but I’ve tried them on at home. Well worth the asking money as suede is very good quality. Not the paper thin like on major Adi’s released nowadays. I absolutely love Tobacco slim look with the OG color and gum sole as they were first released in 1978.

Adidas Tobacco latest re-issue

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Proper Magazine For Proper People

Finally and I mean it saying finally I’ve managed to hunt these down. It took me a while as either some people wanted mad money or nobody fancied to let them go. Yes, you ain’t wrong, those in the pictures are four issues of Proper Magazine.
Let’s be honest, every issue up to latest #10 and #11 is more fanzine type than magazine. But you don’t have to be a genius to spot that every latest issue was an improvement on the last one. At the end of the day, I reckon it’s a damn good find. For some reason I always wanted to have them.
After a first quick glance there are quite a few interesting articles such as interviews with Kenneth MacKenzie from 6876 and Albam or some funny ‘football’ related stories.

p.s. if you fancy these as well just drop me a message and I will do my best to sort these out for you.

Issues #3, #4, #5 and #7

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